These small frame pieces are made up of two independent or more frame corners salvaged from discarded framer's samples.

When put together they become integral to the piece.

Most pieces evolve over months if not years, just like thier larger cousins.

They measure about 6" square and one to two inches thick.

Price for most is $100 ea and shipping can be done under $15.00. There is no sales tax for art sold in Rhode Island.

Dot Homage oil on cellotex

The Glitch In The Machine
circuit board under glass

Spiral Jenny, mixed media

L is for L O V E - Mixed media
1' x 14" x 2" mixed media frame piece- $450

Led Red, Folded lead and paint on board in frame corners

Odysseus Returns - collage on board

Rejection Slip - 8" x 12" - $200.